My work space is the envy of the shop. Cynthia has such great ideas and used them to organize my station. Now I can see where everything is so I won’t purchase things that I already have (saving me money, time and space). I’m not running around the shop looking for Fido’s leash and collar because it’s right where it’s supposed to be, in his cubby marked ‘Fido.’ Thank you, Cynthia.

M.P., Pet Groomer

We have tolerated two ‘unlivable’ rooms due to poor furniture placement for 9 years. Cynthia changed them into great, comfortable spaces for conversation and enjoyment in less than an hour. Despite the initial statement that she was ‘stumped,’ she brought just the right touch of ingenuity and functionality into the rearrangements. We are truly grateful to Smart Organizing Solutions and have announced it to over 40 friends and associates.

R.C., Social Worker

Cynthia helped me get my office in order at Decann’s European – beautiful and functioning efficiently. Thank you, Cynthia Diamond.

J.H., European Auto Repair Owner

Working full-time, just remarried, with four kids in school, I was feeling panicky about merging our two households into a much smaller one while waiting for our new house to be built. I didn’t know how or where to begin. But Cynthia came in and knew just what to do. She helped us unpack, purge, organize, and store items that we wanted to save for the new house. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed that we could all fit and still make the house comfortable and cozy.

B.C., Court Reporting Instructor