I can’t thank you enough for organizing the closets in our home, even giving me a space to keep my extra gifts and gift wrapping in one convenient place. It feels so nice to get out from under some of the clutter that we’ve accumulated since we’ve retired. I’m so pleased that I keep going into each room and opening the closet doors just to look! My husband was surprised that we had so much more room. We’re now planning for you to come back and organize his garage and the storage area next.

A.H., Retired Military

Thank you so much for your help with our office. The system that you have set in place now allows us to be completely prepared for tradeshows and staff restocking in the blink of an eye. Your talent for taking complete chaos and turning it into a workable environment is phenomenal! The time that we spent creating systems and reorganizing has already saved me more time than invested, and who couldn’t use more time?! Thank you again!!

C.S., ElDoradoGuide.com

Cynthia did a fantastic job getting my wife’s scrapbooking room organized for her business, Sarah’s Scrap Attack. If Cynthia can get that natural disaster organized, she can do anything!

J.M., Carpet Cleaner

My private office is in the back and patients never see it, so I did not give it much thought. It was one of those typical work spaces where you get busy and put something here and then something over there — it only gets worse over time. Having my office organized by Cynthia of Smart Organizing Solutions was one of the smartest things I have done in my practice. For a very reasonable cost, my office is not only organized, but it’s set up in a way that makes it easy for me to keep it organized. I never want to go back to the way it was, and that’s motivation enough to give thought about where stuff gets placed. Sometimes it just takes someone like Cynthia to suggest getting rid of stuff that I had to admit I will never use again — out went the old text books and in came some nice shelf space for my family pictures. I would recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs to get organized.

M. T. K., Dentist

If you are telling yourself you will get to it eventually…STOP. If you haven’t tackled it by now, don’t you think it’s time you get some help? Cynthia Diamond will have you looking ship shape with a whole new lease on life. Imagine yourself without all that clothes; imagine what your office or house or whatever could look like without all that clutter. Call Cynthia. She has excellent references that scream her praises.

F.W., Business Consultant

I would like to thank you for your helping to reorganize my store, Ecosway, in Westfield Mall in Sacramento. After you reorganized it, it has a different look now; it was looking like a storage room before, and now it looks like a perfect setting for a store. I greatly appreciate your expertise. Again thank you so much.

B.W., Store Owner

I can’t thank you enough for helping put my new office together for a polished and professional look. Your eye for detail, sense of style, and expertise are great!

M.M., Real Estate Broker

Cynthia was the answer to my dilemma of how to get my two-bedroom apartment organized. She was quick to recognize problem areas and had lots of creative ideas for making more space in my closets and office. She was very pleasant to be around and wasted no time in getting the job done. I highly recommend Cynthia Diamond – She is a real GEM!

S.B., Eskaton Resident

My staff and I want to thank you for organizing our dental office. Files, supplies, and reference materials are now organized and easily found; reception and front office work stations are set up for efficiency; my office is streamlined to my needs. You were fast and professional – a job well done.

J.H., Dentist

Having had the opportunity to hire Cynthia and Smart Organizing Solutions on several occasions since 2002, her expertise is top of the line. In my first home, she took a job that I found insurmountable, organized, sorted, simplified, filed, and created a system that was easy for me to maintain. I found her skills very creative for a very limited space. Recently, she helped me move into my new, larger home. She packed me up and then unpacked everything, helped me pick out new furnishings that I loved, allowing me to simply walk over the threshold and begin living there.

D.F., Montessori Teacher