If you are too busy to get your paperwork and mail off the table and floor, Cynthia is a dream come true. Just the thought of attempting to deal with it by myself is overwhelming and stressful. I have Cynthia come in on a regular basis to do her magic. She organizes my files and helps me gets rid of the unimportant nonsense in just a short time. She also made me realize that it is almost impossible to find anything when I keep putting the opened mail back into the envelopes they were mailed in!

D.C., Contractor

I want to thank you for your efforts in getting my life in an orderly direction after my husband’s passing. I feel so grateful to you every time I have to file something or look for important papers. Your sensitivity and pleasant manner were very comforting to me and helped me in many ways.

R.L., Art Teacher

I had important papers, documents, and bills stashed in various locations in rooms throughout the house. Yes, I’ll admit it. I even had a couple of important papers stored in the trunk of my car! It was often difficult to find papers I needed, and the chaos contributed to a great deal of stress.

Then along came Cynthia and SmartOrganizingSolutions. She helped me get organized, and I’ll always be grateful. I have moved from Sacramento, California to the state of Washington recently. Thanks to Cynthia, I have been able to find papers and take care of business matters as they come up. There is no more scrambling for misplaced paperwork.

I highly recommend SmartOrganizingSolutions to anyone who needs help in eliminating clutter from their lives and replacing it with organization.

M.S., Graphics Designer

We couldn’t have done it without you, Cynthia! Your help in de-cluttering our home and getting it ready to sell really paid off – And we sold our house in just a week!

B.R., Court Reporter

Words cannot express our appreciation for all you have done for our program. I cannot believe the amount of extraneous paper we eliminated in the beginning – nine trash cans! You moved and reorganized our bookshelves and storage units to work more efficiently and ordered new file cabinets and furnishings; you set up a filing system for each instructor’s materials and needs; you reorganized our supply room and kitchen; you generated forms to capture much-needed information and set up new files; you restructured our class schedules to provide maximum productivity for our increasing student enrollment as well as for our instructors. Our program is running so much more efficiently since you came to Argonaut. You are a major and essential business asset, and we cannot imagine how we were able to make do without you.

Argonaut Court Reporting School, Sacramento

You’ve done more for me in three weeks than my assistant did in eight months!

M.C., Attorney

You have changed my life – I feel like I lost 10 pounds!

J.B., Court Reporter

I just wanted to express my gratitude and tell you want a fantastic job you did on my apartments, both in Sacramento and here in San Jose! When I attended college in Sacramento and got my first apartment, you worked with me around my schedule, helping me to organize my files, school work, and you even helped me pick out furniture. Then when I moved to San Jose straight out of college, you helped me organize my life all over again! You were worth every penny! Your professional attitude and invaluable creative skills will be recommended to all my friends and colleagues! Many thanks.

L.R., Mortgage Broker

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s great coming home to my clutter-free apartment now after a long day at work. When I walk in the door I have a place for my keys, cell phone, and wallet, and I can easily find them on my way out the door.

T.T., Bank Manager

I had the privilege of having Smart Organizing Solutions provide organizing for my home office. Not only is Cynthia Diamond of SOS professional and hard working, but also her ability to listen to my needs and then provide a vision and plan for the end result was truly exciting. I have a much easier time finding important paperwork, and my office looks so much more organized and presentable. I would gladly provide a reference for SOS anytime.

J.G., Independent Product Consultant